Sistar Space - Full Moon : recorded on Tuesday 26th March 2013
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Timezone Time Date
UK Time 20:00 26th March
Central European Time 21:00 26th March
Eastern European Time 22:00 26th March
Moscow Time 00:00 27th March
Hawaiian Time 10:00 26th March
Alaskan Time 12:00 26th March
US Pacific Time 13:00 26th March
US Mountain Time 14:00 26th March
US Central Time 15:00 26th March
US Eastern Time 16:00 26th March
Australia - Western Australia 04:00 27th March
Australia - Northern Territory 05:30 27th March
Australia - Queensland 06:00 27th March
Australia - South Australia 06:30 27th March
Australia - New South Wales & Victoria 07:00 27th March
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Presented by
Tracy Holloway

Sistar Space - Full Moon

Global gathering of Light weavers.  Join from anywhere in the world.
Come together for this powerful Full Moon ceremony.

The Moon is at its fullest at 9:27am Wednesday morning, and so this Tuesday night celebration, and meditation will utilise the energies as they build - supporting you through this next big shift.

We will be 'travelling' to a very specific location. You will receive an activation in this magical place and be part of a beautiful ceremony where your starlight and earth-body become One - aligning the galactic heart, with the heart of the Earth. Deeply empowering, this journey is just what you need at this time.

Everyone welcome.